With Great Connectivity Comes Great Responsibility

“With Great Connectivity Comes Great Responsibility”

I first heard those words from a previous trainer: Marcus Hall. The context he was referring to was always being connected through my company laptop and cell phone which I had just received as I was moving into a territory manager position with our employer at the time. Anyhow, fast forward a few years later and I still think it’s a great quote that I have applied to social media use, plus you can’t beat the awesome Spiderman undertone, right?

So here we are in 2013, and I have to admit that my life is pretty much an open book via social media. You can find me on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Tumblr, Foursquare, and now I have my blog as well (feel free to connect, follow, tweet, poke, or whatever else it’s called with me). Recently, I began to question how wise it was to have all these social media accounts, especially with all the recent leaks about how Uncle Sam is gathering data on peoples phone calls and internet habits and what not, then I realized…the NSA could probably give two shits about me and my boring blog posts, I figure I should be okay for now.

But guess what, the NSA isn’t the only one trolling around the internet and Googling you to find out more about you; employers, recruiters, background investigators are going through troves of information stored on the internet about you including your social media profiles. The use of social media is becoming more than a fad when it comes to recruitment and selection for any particular company. Will your social media persona hold up to the standards and expectations of an organization you may be looking to join?

Here are some prime examples of what you may want to avoid posting on your social media profiles, especially when you’re in job hunt mode…

If you’re going to be outspoken and be who you are on your social media, hey…more power to you, maybe you may want to consider making your profile private to avoid any unwanted guest from seeing your personal musings. Although the best course of action is to conduct yourself accordingly even when you’re online.

Another tip, if you are going to post via social media and are currently employed, beware not to post about sensitive items that may be proprietary to your employer and may cause the company harm if disclosed outside of the organization (i.e. trade secrets, upcoming product launches and or promotions (unless specifically authorized to do so).

Bottom Line: Act Responsibly especially when it can affect your current and future employment endeavors.


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  1. Seems to me that you deleteriously exploited the people and their posts by not taking the extra step to edit their handles. The result is that you made available their information while slightly sanctimoniously advising not to make such information available. You can do better.


    • Ishmael thank you for your comment. I have to however disagree with your point of view; the harm in posting the information came from the original user and not as a result in being posted to this blog site. The Twitter users are the publishers of the information which in turn becomes public on the web, the fact that I found them online highlights the importance of keeping that kind of information private or off of social media sites if it in fact can be a factor that can produce some form of harm whether as an employee or a job seeker. As for keeping handles private, I do appreciate you holding my work to a higher standard, and I will work on editing this post and future posts to safeguard social media account information. Thanks again for taking the time to comment. – Ernie



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