#CandidateFail – No Enthusiasm

The other day, I was reading Rachelle Falls’ (@CorporateHRGirl) post How Many Time Do I Have To Tell You?  (Awesome use of the double face plant pic btw), and in the post Rachelle reminds candidates’ about one of the most basic tenets of interviewing…do some research on the organization your applying to!

It’s funny, because some of us are saying, well duh! But you’d be surprised (or maybe not) at the amount of people who fail to do the minimal amount of research when they go in for interviews…I’m not going harp on this…check out Rachelle’s post for a some pointers (especially if your in job hunt mode right now).

I did however want to piggyback off Rachelle’s post and add one of my favorite candidate fails to the list: If you’re going in for an interview, show some enthusiasm about actually being there. Show the hiring manager that you actually want the job!

I don’t know if it’s people’s personalities, or what, but sometimes it feels like I’m literally interviewing a bump on a log! I mean, if your going to give me short or even one word answers to the questions I’m asking, why waste my time as a hiring manager? Are you really going to make me work for some information, when you’re the one looking for the job? Save the both of us some time and don’t come to the interview unless your going to make a conscious effort to show some enthusiasm for the job you’re applying for (especially if your applying for a retail position).

What are some candidate fails you’ve experienced as a recruiter or a hiring manager?


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