Columbia, MD Mall: Another Tragic Workplace Shooting

Police respond to a shooting Saturday at the Mall in Columbia. Photo Courtesy of The Washington Post

Police respond to a shooting Saturday at the Mall in Columbia. Photo Courtesy of The Washington Post

Today, a deadly shooting occurred within the confines of a Columbia, MD mall. Police have confirmed three dead in the shooting and have stated they believe that there was only one shooter involved. The details of the incident are still murky as police continue their investigations.

Accounts of store employees shuttering their store gates and hiding in back rooms are coming to light as media continues to report on the event.

Today’s shooting is yet another reminder of the violent epidemic that our country faces all too often it seems. I won’t try to argue the case that guns are bad, as a responsible gun owner myself, I believe that qualified Americans have a right to own a gun. Yet the reality of this situation is that guns are prevalent in our society.

It would be naïve to say that we can stop bad things from occurring, bad things have always happened throughout our history and will probably continue to happen. However, what is most disturbing is that these tragic events are happening in our workplaces. As a leader in your organization, you can ensure that your team is prepared for a deadly event should, God forbid, it ever occur. Make sure your leaders have developed an emergency plan and have reviewed it with every employee. If you have a large employee population, rehearsals may be a good option to use. The actions you take to ensure safety will save lives.

Below is a slide from the Department of Homeland Security that can help you in creating or improving on your organizations emergency plans for active shooter scenarios.

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