• Determining Compensable Hours For On-Call Employees

    by - Jun 18, 2014
    Many employers with on-call members on their teams, grapple with the issue of determining what is compensable time for time spent on-call. Here are some scenarios that might help clarify those questions: In accordance with the...

    by - Jun 10, 2014
    Veterans and Reserve Component service members comprise a significant portion of our workforce today. With the recent high deployment tempo that our country has seen over the past decade, with wars in both Iraq and Afghanistan,...
  • 5 Basic Tips For Effective Webinar Presentations

    by - Jun 5, 2014
    In today’s high tech business environment, chances are pretty good that at some point you will have to give a webinar presentation. Webinars are a great tool in your communication’s arsenal, and can be very effective...