Don’t Bring Your Fireworks To Work Today

From the project…wishing everyone a happy and safe fourth as you enjoy the festivities around town. Here’s last years Fourth of July post…it still holds pretty true (plus I just don’t feel like writing today).

Ernie's HR Project

Today is July 4th, America’s Independence Day. Many of you are going to have the day off and the opportunity to enjoy some quality time with your family and friends, maybe catch some sun at the beach, or perhaps get some grillin’ time in.

For those of us in retail…well needless to say, we’ll probably be working during the holiday…oh well.

To my fellow retail workers: yes I know it sucks being stuck in some store, mall, or warehouse, while everyone gets to have some July 4th fun. Here’s my advice (because I know someone out there will probably do this): don’t bring in any illegal fireworks (or anything dangerous for the matter) to work today. I’m sure that the majority of your organizations are going to have some sort of policy against, guns, knives, incendiary devices and other dangerous items (that might go…boom).

There’s no sense…

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