Suicide Awareness in the Workplace

Tonight I received word that yet another fellow soldier has taken his life. Spc. Adam Richardson, committed suicide today, for reasons unknown to me at this point in time. Richardson, was a part of my old National Guard unit in Frederick, MD, he had come in about the same time that I was leaving the unit back in 2011. Richardson had deployed with Alpha Co. 1-175th INF in 2011 during their peace-keeping mission to the Sinai region near Egypt.
Since the unit’s return back from a deployment to Iraq in 2008 (where no soldiers were lost in combat operations during an 8-month tour in the Northern part of the country), Richardson now becomes the 3rd soldier to be lost to suicide.
I’ll end this short post here, with a heavy heart. Alpha Company you are in my thoughts and my prayers. Leaders please keep an eye on your soldiers, you never know who’s life you might save.

Ernie's HR Project

Last week on Thursday as I was working with a customer of mine, we got to talking, and the gentleman said to me, “What else have you done with your life young man?” To which I responded by letting him know about my military service, a deployment overseas, and then; somehow we came to the topic of suicides in the military. The gentleman asked me if I had lost anyone to suicide, pausing for a brief moment, I made mention of two soldiers that had committed suicide after our time in Iraq together; Sergeant Coleman Bean & Specialist Louis C. Jacobs III. The man then proceeded to ask me why they had committed suicide, and I couldn’t provide him with an answer. Who really knows why people do the things they do? However, his question stayed with over the course of the weekend, and I had some time to really…

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