Holiday or Holy Day?

From the Project archives…tips on helping employees keep their religious observances during the Holidays.

Ernie's HR Project

holiday_holydayI grew up in a Catholic family, which meant I used to go to church every Sunday, and attended Mass during every important religious event (for Catholics). As a child, I also attended the local Sunday school at my parish, and during a holiday season, I remember the words of Sr. Maryellen Ryan clearly and distinctly, even to this day. Sr. Maryellen, was describing the Christmas holiday to a group of young learners (like myself), and she said to us: Christmas isn’t a holiday…it’s a Holy Day. The context of Sr. Maryellen’s words were meant to help us distinguish between the secular meaning of Christmas and the more traditional religious version of Christmas.

So what do words of a nun have to do with HR or business in general? Everything. Employees do not leave their faith at the door when they come to work. Whether they’re Christians, Jews, Muslims, or…

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