HRCI (@HRCertInstitute) Issues New Digital Badges

HRCI PHR Digital Badge

Yesterday morning I saw an email in my inbox from HRCI which mentioned that HRCI was now offering digital badges. I was definitely intrigued…I didn’t really know what to expect. Was it something like the verified account check mark that Twitter uses? Nope.

HRCI recently partnered with Acclaim (an offshoot of the Pearson Learning Company) to be able to offer digital badges to it’s certified members. According to Acclaim: “badges issued through Acclaim communicate who did something, who says they did it, and why employers should care about what was done.”

Personally, I like the concept behind the product, when you claim your digital badge, only the information that is pre-loaded from HRCI will show up on your Acclaim profile. I think it’s a good accountability measure, but other than that…I don’t really see too much value to digital badging, at least not in its current form. I likened the whole process to essentially creating another social media profile. The plus is that you can access your digital badge site directly from your HRCI login page (which we should all have set-up to be able to enter in our recertification credits and what not…right?).

Your acclaim profile (once you’ve claimed your digital badge) will look something like this:

Acclaim PHR Badge Home Screen

Claiming the badge online was quick and easy and didn’t really take too much time out of my (not so busy) day. Going back to my Twitter question, I was a bit disappointed that linking your badge to your social media profiles was not much more than announcing to your online audience to check out your achievement via a URL. I was at least expecting something a little cooler like a badge image or something.

For more information on digital badges and how to claim your’s, check out HRCI’s site.


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  1. Ernie: Thanks for spreading the news about our new digital badges! It is actually the policy of the social media site that dictates whether the actual badge can be displayed, or whether you need to click on the URL or the HRCI logo to have the badge pop up. Acclaim is working diligently to try to affect these policies.

    I did want to mention two other attributes of digital badges. #1, they protect the integrity of your certification through the metadata that is embedded within – it makes it much more difficult for someone to falsify a credential or claim that they are certified if they did not recertify their credential. #2, it is a definite timesaver for hiring managers and recruiters since they do not have to undertake a separate verification process. We are proud to offer this tool to the HR profession we serve – and to our credential-holders, of course!

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