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We’re almost a month into the New Year and I have to say that this week has been an amazing front on the HR blogosphere. Some of my favorite authors have been posting thoughts on self-awareness and reflection, personal and professional development…and their messages have reached me deeply this week. It would be remiss of me not to share with you some of the posts that can change your perspective or outlook to a more positive one if you’re down in the dumps (like I was recently). I hope that you can find, solace, motivation, inspiration, and more within in their words.

Here’s my list of my favorite blog posts this week:

Kristina Minyard (@HRecruit), is a talented recruiter…but she doesn’t let her role at work confine the thoughts she shares on her blog. Kristina wrote a post today: “Just a Janitor,” and she highlighted the importance of self-worth. People aren’t just their job titles…they’re much more. Check out her blog for her insights on integrating yourself into the social fabric of your organization.

Christopher Demers (@ChristopherinHR), is by far, one of my favorite writers and one of the very few who influences my own writing style. Chris has a knack for being able to express sentiment through written words like none other. In his post “Empty Vessel,” Chris highlights the importance of focusing on one’s own well-being. This particular post spoke to me because it was exactly what I let happen to me in my previous job. I became burnt out, unmotivated, and felt like the shell of the manager and leader I knew myself to be. Take Chris’ advice for you sake and that of your team. Remember…your career isn’t a sprint…it’s a marathon, and you need to be able to ensure that you’re in it for the long haul.

Jay Kuhns (@jrkuhns), is an amazing HR leader, whenever I need a pick me up I turn to Jay’s blog. From insights and inspiration on careers, fitness, and life overall, Jay can light the fire in you through his words. In his post “I Was Me But Now He’s Gone,” Jay reminds us that change is inevitable, and we need to remain versatile to be able to adapt and respond accordingly to the changes that occur around us.

Lastly, but certainly not least, I recently discovered the General Leadership blog (@GenLeadBlog), curated by senior military and civilian leaders. If you haven’t had a chance to check it out…I highly implore you to make some time to read the insights from some of country’s top leaders. In his post today, BG John E. Michel (@JohnEMichel) discusses the idea of us asking ‘What If?’ That’s a powerful question to ask oneself in self-reflection, yet it is an important one to be able to reflect on the decisions we make in order to ensure that we are continuing down the path of OUR choosing.


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